Liquid dishwashing detergent L100

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Liquid dishwashing detergent for dishes and kitchen utensils in 4L or 13L container.

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It removes fats, dirt and odors. p>

For soft to moderate hardness water. p>

The product is used in dishwashers for dishwasher, glass & utensils (not plastics). For professional dishwashers with a capacity of 11lt, a dosage of 120-140 ml of product is recommended in clean wash water. After a few washes, fill up with a small amount of liquid. If the washing machine is automatically supplied with a metering pump, the adjustment is made by the dishwasher maker. P>

It is an abrasive product. Irritating to skin and prolonged contact can cause burns. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. Always use gloves during use. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water. P>

Wash your hands after use. P>

Liquid, yellow in color. p>

pH at 20 ° C: 13 ± 0.5. p>